Problem with widget interaction component.

I’m building a widget-keyboard for a VR-project, which I want to interact with, with both my hands. I have got everything to work as it should, except that I can’t interact with my left hand, only my right. I have my guesses that I can’t use the same widget interaction component on both hands, but as both hands are instances of the same BP-class, I cant figure out how to remove the widget interaction from one of them, and replacing this with another one.

Does anyone have any experience of this problem and it’s possible solution?

Try to set the pointer index(of the interaction component) to different numbers for left and right.

Hey Hoeglund,

I’m having the same problem, I set up a widget interaction component in the BP_motioncontroller blueprint, but it’s taking that and mirroring it to make the left hand, so it has the same pointer index as the right and refuses to work. I still can’t quite figure out how to add widget interaction components AFTER the hand mesh gets mirrored. If I find a workaround I’ll post it here. Good luck.

hey @hoeglund you can try this if you are still searching for: inside the BP_MotionController



I’ve been caught out by this too. Make sure that the Consume Input is unselected from your input events. Select the Event in the blueprint and check the details panel.

So To change the pointer instance of widget interaction components that are getting instantiated dynamically we can search the level for that actor through some other Blueprint or even from the level blueprint. I’ve attached a screenshot of my level BP that searches for hand and widget interaction component and changes the pointer index. This works fine for me. It should also work for you.

Thank you very much! 2 days suffered. It works. But “getcomponentbyclass” didn’t want to connect to “pointerindex”. It worked directly with “widgetInteraction”.