Problem with water reflections and Sky Sphere

Hi there! Whenever I add water (any water material) I get this weird result shown in the video below. If the player is standing on a mountain far away from the ocean, there’s still a reflection of the player in the water. Also, the water reflection is “following” the player and it looks super weird. I start the project from Third Person - Add new level - Default. The huge moving reflection disappears when I add Planar Reflection but the water don’t look as nice. When I turn off specular on my water material, the problem disappears because there’s no reflection but it looks awful. I just realized that when I delete the Sky Sphere and only keep the Directional Light, the reflection problem disappears and the water looks okay but far from as good as when I keep the Sky Sphere. The reflection or possibly shadow that is showing in the water when the player is standing far away on a mountain remains though. Maybe there’s some settings in the Sky Sphere that I should change?

I would be beyond grateful for any advice. Tommy

Do you have reflextion captures and are they built along with the lighting?

First of all, thanks for trying to help me out. I really appreciate it! I started the project from Default not Blank so SphereReflectionCapture is included but I haven’t made any changes to it. Should I do that? Thanks again

The reflection capture(s) provide the data that the reflections use. They have a limited range and a maximum number.
To handle large scale reflection you should consider covering the whole map/tile with a whole reflection box capture.

This doc here somewhat explains it

You may be better off looking up the videos in the Leran tab / Academy section.