Problem with wall edges (shadows)


I’m new in Unreal and I’m learning and testing the best workflow for archviz.

I made the model in Revit and exported it to 3ds Max to create the UV Lightmaps. I used the “Lightroom: Interior Day Light” model of “Koola” as a basis for maintaining the light and lightmass settings. However, I can not resolve the wall joints, so I needed your help to resolve it.

Below I leave a video I made with the workflow.


Ok, I’m tested this now and the problem is the same…

In both images, the walls are separated because I disable the join in Revit and in joins of wall with floor it’s the same thing… And continues happening… :confused:

On top of the floor, like this:

But the building is like I draw…

This is a section of building and wall/floor intersections:

increase lightmap size and try again