Problem with vehicles.

Hello. I’m sure there is a lot of problem resolved but I don’t found them so I ask you.

My car have a problem, i think you’ll find it :

My bones are correctly write and I follow the guide for vehicles :

Thank you

Attachment doesn’t work :frowning:

Now it must work

double check your bones, please state which 3d programm your using as this can effect the way you need to set the bones/pivots

ps x=forward z=up

I use blender. I’ve correctly used the x and z. I’ve followed this tutorial :

ok please post pictures of the vehicle skeletal mesh in editor with the option show bones ticked, also so need a picture of the vehicle in the physics editor

just 2 of my playlist which might help you

Thank you for yours tutorials and your help

Fot these picture I colored in red useless bones wich are for doors.

Do somebody had a tutorial for it ?

ok , my videos should still be ok, from the pictures i can see that the bones are pointing the wrong way, if you look in the editor window you can see the way the axis should be, eg X (red) forward Z (blue) up

also you bones need to be linked/parented to the root bone, to get this to work from blender you may need to edit/modify the fbx exporter script

About the root bone: you don’t need to modify the fbx exporter script. All you need to do is to remove the armature bone:

interesting post Zireael07 , my only caution is the orintation of the “root” , where with characters you can use re-targettting , for vehicles which use physx its very importent to have the Root bone X=forward and Z=up, which is not the normal case with the armature root

So what I need to do ?

follow my videos on settin up blender for ue4
then follow my blender vehicle videos
and you should be ok

For Zireal07, the problem still here. Look !

I don’t know wether I missed something

I told you to remove the armature bone. Drag and drop pelvis so that it is under root, not armature. Right click armature and press delete.

This is the ticked answer here, and I have already done that a couple of times.

Like this ?

Yeah, now it should work. The way ue4 works, it grabs the first bone in hierarchy and thinks it’s the root, that’s why the extra armature bone throws things off.

Thank you, I’ve already a problem but I think it’s from my back wheel’s blueprints 'cause the vehicle don’t have some random movements when it hit the ground.

Well, it’s AGAIN a problem with bones 'cause of when the blueprint of front and back wheels switch there is the same problem but at the same place on the vehicle.

Are your bones pointing x forward z up?