Problem with UVs and Lightmap

Hi there guys.

I have a problem with the seams in UE4 (Yes, I know that it´s a common issue) but I think I do my best and I still have problems T_T

I don´t know if the problem is in my UVs, in the scene steup or what, I try to improve this 2 things and the problem still. The main problem are the seams in the wall, in this corridor I can put columns or something like that to solve this, I need a smooth wall in this case. In my scene I have a Lightmass importance volume.

This is my scene and settings:

As you can see my settings I tried this values too: Indirect Lighting Quality 2 Indirect Lighting Smoothness 0.6. And still the edges.

And I tried to put the lighmap resolution in the meshes in power of two (64,128,256,512) And the issue continue…

So… HELP please :frowning:

I follow this tutorials: And with this I can´t solve it T_T

Don’t construct things that way–meshes get rendered on a different thread and so things like lightmass smothing gets applied to each individual object, which can cause subtle variations in lighting between parts. For something that simple you don’t benefit by making it like that because it increases the number of draw calls, you’d be better off making a unique mesh for the wall or taking one piece and scaling it the length of the wall if that works.

Ohhhh! Thank you man! I always believe that the modularity was the best option to construct environments, but I´ll try the way that you say me!

Thank you a lot! ^_^!

In certain cases it is, since it can help you to improve memory and can make it easier to manage a library of content, but for very simple meshes like that it gives bad performance. The lighting issue is a specific UE4 issue, but you’d still want to avoid doing things like that just for better performance.

For other things–definitely, it works great for props and things like maybe a doorway or things like pillars and stuff, but for flat walls/floors/ceiling it’s better to have a single object for that.