Problem with UV unwrap and texture (help)

So I can’t figure out why this is happening at all, I made a 3D dead shrub in Zbrush and when I go to unwrap the UV it looks all crazy. Example -

Here’s the texture.


And here’s the model. The model is fine, it’s the texture that’s all wrong.


When I put the material on the shrub it’s just black. If someone could tell me why this is happening I would appreciate it a lot!

Looks like you did some sort of automatic mapping or something. You’re going to need to take some time to learn how to UV organic meshes. Zbrush probably isn’t the best for UV mapping either, I would suggest an actual modeling package.

hmm I see, what program would you recommend to use for UV unwrapping? is free & has quite a few guides available when it comes to Blender → UE workflows. 3Ds Max is another option, but costs a pretty penny.