Problem with Translucent and Masked blending modes

Hey, I’m a newbie at UE4, I’m using it as part of a uni course project.

I modeled a pine tree in 3Ds Max, it basically consist of a tree beam, and planes for leaves. When the material for the leaves is set to ‘Translucent’ it casts no shadows on the floor or the rest of the tree, the opacity also bugs out and when you walk around the tree you can see that the leaves are clipping through each other and parts of the plane disappear or become invisible.
If I change it to ‘Masked’ everything works perfect, each shape of the leaves is visible, no clipping, the shadows are casting from the leaves, but the other sides of the plane become dark and cast this black shadow/glow when moved away from the tree.

I attached two images below, hopefully someone knows how to fix this! Thanks :slight_smile:

you should use masked, and set it to two sided foliage.
You might need to set a subsurface color (often somewhat identical to the albedo) and an opacity on how much light appears on the other side.

Thanks, I’ll try that and see if it works. It’s already set to two-sided foliage, so I’ll try to set a subsurface colour, any ideas how I do that?

Thanks! Instead of creating a new duplicate of the actor and putting it side by side, I found that you can just plug the initial texture sample into the ‘Subsurface Color’ plug. It doesn’t fully solve the problem but the change is noticeable