Problem with the shadows when rendering

Greetings for all!

I am really noob on the matter of rendering.
Although have been studying Unreal since a few time before, I was using UDK on a project for almost 1 year, because of my course to learn the process of game developing. When I was using UDK there was a problem with the shadows after rendering. I tried everything, was used to spend two hours to do the light building of my map, but the result was the same, none teacher could help me. The shadows were weird and shapeless. I thought that moving for unreal 4 would fix that, however, the result is absolutelly the same =(

The console is in portuguese, it says that there are UV overlaping on many objects… Maybe the UV overlaping that causes such problem, but my teachers teached that UV overlaping is common for example if you want to do foliage, make a plan polygon and duplicate it many times, then, the UV and color would be the same…

Take a look at the images, and also, I have printed the console error
If anyone knows what is going on, please help =)
Any help will be apreciated, thanks!!!

  1. increase the lightmap resolution
  2. you have to create a good lightmap/2nd uv channel without overlapping uv’s -> :slight_smile:

Being sincere, You think that Overlaping UV is the problem?

Overlapping uv’s can cause artifacts on your meshes -> so it’s better when you fix them :slight_smile:
But to get sharper shadows, you will have to increase the lightmap resolution of the ground

That’s true, but it’s not the case with lightmaps

I did read the article, and what I understood is the following: doing a second UV just for the lightmaps would fix problems with black areas. However, my problem is not exactly with black areas, is about shapeless and weird shadows.

I remember when my teachers recommended me to increase the lightmap resolution, I did it and the problem persisted… Anyway I will try the both. Does the UV lightmap needs to be identical as the primary UV? If yes, then I will need to do the UVs and all the maps of all my objects again. It includes diffuse map, normal map, ambient occlusion, specular map and… I Hope not!

Nope. It can be different. Overlapping UV’s for textures is fine, but the lightmap UV should not overlap at all.

okkk :cool:

Now I understand, and thanks for the support, will try and post the results!

and please, tell me a good number for static lighting resolution on my landscape?

Dont go over 6 -> otherwise it could take toooooo long to build :slight_smile: Choose 3-4.

ok :smiley: thanks you

Well, another question, imagine that I am doiinge the uv lightmap channel for a tree, there are more than 900 leafs, 900 plans, is there a way to do automatically with the apropriate padding?

It is totally madness do 900 leafs without overlaping

You can do it with uv generators, but it wont be so good (regarding to the performance of the mesh) -> e.g in blender it works like that: :slight_smile: