Problem with the Ortographic Camera.

This is my first post here. I’ve been checking the forums for help back when I was studying but since I’m out of school I don’t have the luxury to go back to ask the teacher how you do this. And I imagined that if I’m going to be working here more often I might as well try to ask for help here. Hopefully someone will know what I can do.

Here I’m trying to make a sidescroller game, using an orthographic camera and I run into the problem you see here (Sorry for the size a bit new on this):

The problem I have is that the cursor isn’t synched up with the mouse. I’m not sure if one can see it but while the mouse is in the top right corner of the screen (for some reason the screen cap doesn’t include the mouse), the cursor stops at about 3-4 fifths of the way.

I played a bit with the settings there to try to see what was wrong. It seems that setting the Ortho Width within my camera, fixes this. In the screenshot it’s set to 2048, changing it to 1280 (the dimensions of the playable screen) makes this work, however, this makes my camera end up at a fixed distance from the player, and I don’t wish that to be the case (I hope to make the camera pan and zoom out if necessary)

(blueprint of the cursor. In this case it is a plane within the player character that changes position based on the position of the mouse, at least in theory)

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you :3