Problem with terrain painting - squares and black areas

When i try to paint a texture on terrain, it behaves like this:

Material setup, just like in tutorials:

Grass texture doesn’t have normal and spec maps yet while the other texture does, maybe that is causing the problem?

Hi ,

If you paint the entire landscape with one texture then attempt to pain with another does this go away?

No, it behaves the same way :frowning: I’ve painted the entire landscape (by hand) with one texture, then when i try to paint with the second one (another target layer) then whole ‘chunk’ of landscape becomes black and it paints with strange square-shapes:

Now i’ve just created a new, empty project and created a new landscape, exactly like in this tutorial: https://www…com/watch?v=tsXVP0fykBM
… And that what is happening when i click to paint (clicked there ONCE with this darker texture):

Does this change if you change the tool strength or falloff? The original landscape being black is expected behavior (no information is fed into landscape until layers are painted). Black showing up after painting is also a known issue but it is typically fixed by painting a single layer across the entire landscape, then you should be able to paint on it. The square painting is what I’m going to focus on as I am not certain if this is a bug or if it is a setting that can be altered.

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I’ve tried again with new landscape and i’ve solved it: 1. Created material with two layers 2. Painted whole landscape with layer 1 3. Painted with layer 2 on it (it filled whole square ‘chunk’ like in my last picture) 4. Painted with layer 1 again, but on this ‘filled square chunk’. After that, painting works properly. All settings was on default (0.5 falloff, 0.3 strength). Looks like layers need to be painted at least once on top of each other to blend properly. But maybe that applies only in my weird case :slight_smile: Thanks!

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I also noticed that if your brush strength is too high it can black out textures when you paint foliage on top of the landscape.