Problem with teleporting

I’ve got a system set up to teleport the player when they press E within the bounds of the goal to the next area, but for some reason it triggers on it’s own without any of the conditions being fufilled?

I know it’s this section of the code since I set it to print a string if it ran, and it kept doing that.

*I custom set the name of the spawn for each one so it always goes to the right place when I actually interact with the goal itself, it’s when I’m not near the goal but press E that this happens???

All the widgets are just normal widgets, not the widget interact thing since I wasn’t use if I’d need it.


It doesn’t send the character to the original spawn location either, it sends it to 0, 0, 0 in world location?

Edit: this only happens when I press E no matter where on the map I am

Edit no 2: Now my respawn is broken?? And teleporting as a whole?? I don’t know why since it was working fine an hour ago aa

Hey @HawksHalo!

In your teleport BP, you never check if the other actor is your character, so it will be active if there is any overlap. Also, I highly recommend using an interface instead of “get all actors of class” for your interaction.

Let me know if this works for you!

That fixed it thanks