Problem with substance

Hi, new beginner to UE4…

I was following a substance tutorial on youtube, which worked on day1, but for the last 2 days, when I click on SOURCE in the toolbar, the window opens and the S logo comes up but nothing happens, even if I leave it for a while.

I did create an account at Substance, and verified it, and can log in through their website, but I cannot access it through the unreal plugin.

I only wanted to complete the tutorials with the free assets available to unreal engine users…

What can I do?

Hi Have the same problem. Any news about how to fix this?

I don’t know, same problem here

experiencing the same here…dont know if this is on the substance side or the unreal side but it is absurd that this problem hasnt been fixed yet

Allegorithmic has acknowledged there’s a problem with Substance Source being stuck on loading:…c,30942.0.html

Hopefully they’ll have that fixed soon. Seems server side, not plug-in side.

In the meantime, Source works fine through the Substance Launcher. You can download files locally, then drag the substance file into UE4 and it will create the material just like the native source plugin. It’s a couple extra clicks, but works well for now.

I have created account and can’t login to the Substance Source or the Launcher :frowning: