Problem with spawning objects after upgrading to 4.9

Hello. When i try to spawn my bullet it spawns it on position 0,0,0 and not on the correct location of the model’s socket. Also it does not move forward (using a projectMovementComponent).

It does call the constructor and the setVelocity method inside the Bullet.cpp class and the velocity does get set properly.

Another weird thing is when i eject and i press the bullet in the World Outliner it suddenly starts moving.

I do get a warning inside the spawn method saying: bNoCollisionFail is deprecated.

Here is my code:

SpawnBP Code: template <typename VictoryObjType> static FORCEINLINE VictoryObjType* SpawnBP -

Fire (Calls SpawnBP) Code: void APlayerShip::Fire0() { TArray<FName> sockets = OurVisibleComponent->GetAl -

Bullet.cpp: #include "Serenity.h"#include "Bullet.h"// Sets default valuesABullet: -

Can some one help me with my problem?

I had this problem with my weapons. The eject-and-click-in-outliner suggests it is the same problem. The solution for me was that my mesh (of the weapon in my case versus the projectile in your case) was not the root of the blueprint. When I replaced the “Default Root” with my mesh, it started working as expected, connecting to the socket and moving as I intended it to.