Problem with shading

I have a problem with importing a 3d model from blender into UE. It’s about the wrong display of shadows after building the light as in screenshoot. The object has a UV map created via Smart Unwrap. I used autosmooth and converted the file to fbx. After exporting to UE no messages about anything. This problem is beyond me. I have been sitting for two days and don’t really know what is going on. What could be the cause of these strange black spots on the object?

It could be the UV ‘islands’, or pieces of the model, are too close together in the UV map. There needs to be a bit more spacing among those pieces in the UV mapping, so try breaking the model into 2 or 3 distinct components, each of which have a UV map. It’ll allow a bit wider space between the pieces. How I see that is the fact the black splotches are primarily on / around the edges of the model, or where it has sharp changes in angle. IOW, the model is composed of numerous cylindrical pieces, and some of the UV pieces correspond to those cylindrical ones, and the angular change from one piece to the next is at or near 90 degrees. Make sense?