Problem with shaders after deleting DerivedDataCache folders

Hi everyone

Since I had my C: drive quite full I tried deleting the DerivedDataCache folders and let them generate again. It took a lot of time to compile the shaders and build the mesh distance fields, and after it was done, my project shaders were screwed.
First, some mesh distance fields were wrong, this was fixed recalculating them.
But the thing is giving me more trouble is this, I’m getting some weird light reflections on surfaces that were ok before. I’, ataching some captures to see the diferences (I have a previous packaged version).


About the last two captures, I actually changed the lights from the bathroom from Stationary to Static before baking, so that might be a reason. But with the other materials I don’t know what’s happening.

Any idea on what’s going on?
I’m going crazy with this, I’d appreciate some help

Thank you

I had a similar situation before, I spent a few days trying to fix it, but finally I decided to make everything from scratch, took me more than one week :frowning:
I would love to know a solution just in case

It looks like the baked light is mishing. If you look at the shadow on the ladder in the second capture is quite obvious something is wrong. In the two examples the lighting quality is set to high and is built.

Finally solved, it was a bug in a sphere reflection capture. It took a whole day to find out!

Can you go into any more details on the bug? It was a bug in the sphere reflection capture code?