Problem with replication

Hello, I have a checkbox widget which controls the visibility of meshes based upon some datasmith parameters.
I´m trying to replicate the visibility to all players, but it only works when the server toggles the checkbox.
I´ve read that widgets aren´t replicated, so i tried to do the replication on another blueprint.
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I am very new to unreal and any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

I guess that you are trying to do that whenever the check box is checked it will be checked for all players right ? correct me if I am wrong.

Well all players share in common one thing, that AI don’t. They see HUD.

If you run an all actors node with PlayerController as the parameter of it, you can control the HUD of every single player controller in the game.

Said that how to put it in the game?

Well run that NODE of allActors preciselty GetActorsOfClass, get the player controller HUD or whereever you placed the hud Movie and toggle that checkbox to checked or unchecked?

Good luck !