Problem with Replication Relative Location

In Character Component. I am having problems with the replication of capsule Relative Location and VrOrgin scene where the camera is. Basically, it works fine offline but for some reason, I can not manage to make it work on the client-side.

Same problem here. I set a different relative location on a child component of the capsule (a mesh), but it does not save the new relative location client side. Works ok only locally.

Well, I did give up on it. No answer found so, in the end, I did use a free plugin from the UE4 forum don’t remember the exact name it was something like Advance VR.

Literally, I have the same issue. Either of you guys get a solution? I opened up a forum post but I’m still baffled as well. Seems like maybe a bug?

I have found a workaround and it works :slight_smile:
It seems that Unreal Engine has an unresolved bug: runtime relative location modifications to capsule component children are reset every tick by the engine network smoothing.
Assuming that in a particular game case I want to temporary change the Capsule Component relative location, I have to do this in C++ before the change:

CharacterMovement->NetworkSmoothingMode = ENetworkSmoothingMode::Disabled;

And then, after I change again the relative location to normal, I reset the Network Smoothing to the previous state:

CharacterMovement->NetworkSmoothingMode = ENetworkSmoothingMode::Exponential;

It definitely worked for my case! Hope it helps.

Thanks a lot!

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After a few hours of testing finally narrowed down the cause of my meshes glitching up and down in the client to me adjusting the relative mesh location and after going through a few posts managed to find the blueprint answer i was looking for:

Use “Cache Initial Mesh Offset” in blueprints on the client after adjusting the location on the Server, credit to the dude in this thread:

Thought i’d post it here as this was top result for me and i was almost about to start doing some coding in C++ which i tend to avoid where possible, hope this helps someone :slight_smile:

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Thank you! (: