Problem with rendering hair cards

So I’m going through Epic’s docs on making Photorealistic Characters. I’ve got hair cards as a static mesh added to the Blueprint of the head, turned shading model to ‘Hair’, attached my textures (Base Color, Opacity Mask, Tangent, and AO). I can apply this and have the cards remain on the head, but if I switch the Blend Mode to ‘Masked’ and save everything, the cards in the blueprint will temporarily turn gray (I assume its recalculating/recaching its texture) and then disappearing. The preview of the material appears to behave correctly in the material editor, just not in the blueprint or level editors. No errors in the Stats window, or in the Output Log.

Seems Shading Model has no affect on this, Default Lit behaves the same way. Setting Blend Mode to Translucent and piping the opacity mask texture into Opacity works in that something can be seen, but obviously looks bad (faint wisps of hair).

Interesting–setting the Preview Mesh to the hair cards static mesh in the material editor causes the same problem, everything in the preview disappears…the cards aren’t overly complex, they have normals and uvs, textures apply correctly, I have Two Sided turned on, TemporalAA is on in the Project Settings…

Has anyone seen anything like this, or know anything I can try? I’ll keep poking around myself, but if anyone has any advice I’d greatly appreciate it.

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