Problem with Refraction

I’m trying to create a decent refraction for my pool but it’s not working properly(take a look at the image below).

Any ideias about how to fix it?


Material setup:

So I believe that refraction already takes surface normal into consideration, you do not need to be piping the normal in there. Instead use a single parameter there. Water have a refractive index of 1.33 so a value of 1.33 should give pretty good results.

Thanks Hyperloop, I used your advice but it still weird, take a look.

I also tried different values, and as close I get to 1 more it vanishes and more this weird effect vanishes.


screen space reflections, translucent material and the refraction pin don’t play nice together for water as the reflections aren’t properly parallax.
to get an effect like this, which i think you are going for, you need a custom calculation for the refraction and drive it right into the base color.

Any idea about how can I get there?