Problem with Procedural Foliage Tool

Hey everyone, my problem is I can’t get trees to spawn on a specific landscape layer in my level. I was following this Live Training (, but when I try to Resimulate I get an error message saying (Ensure a large enough surface exists within the volume).

Here is a screenshot ( I want the trees to spawn within the green layer. I’m doing it this way because if I just paint the foliage the Framerate takes a nose drive and with this I can control when the trees spawn in like with the Grass Tool.

If anyone know what I can do that would greatly appreciated.

The spawner volume must be sized and placed correctly. Its dimensions and placement will determine where the trees will spawn.

I’m having the same issue, it was working fine and suddenly the error started popping and can’t resimulate anymore.

This does not help at all, define “sized and placed correctly”.

The area which is to receive the foliage must me inside the volume area, when I said sized and placed it means that ground surface must be enclosed by the spawning volume in all axis. If the spawning volume is place above the surface (volume’s Z axis) nothing will spawn.

any solution for tthis?

So I am new to unreal and I recently got to know about procedural and I had the same problem as you , the problem lies in the settings of the foliage actor.
Case 1 : suppose your shade distance and collision radius are too large and there is no way that two trees can spawn inside the volume with such distance between them then you will get the error.
Case 2: suppose you set your max and min angle to 45 and 10 but the slope of the landscape inside the volume is less than 10 or more than 45 than no foliage can be grown and you will get that message.
Case 3 : well I have no idea what other things can go wrong but try checking the scale of the tree also