Problem with Particle system: Distribution vector curves

Hi everybody and thank you for passing by.
I’m fairly new to editing particle systems and i wanted my particle’s orbit to scale along the lifetime of the particle system, so that when it appears the orbit is small and then scales up.
What is weird is that no matter how i set up my orbit’s offset (i tried distribution vector constant curves, uniform curves…), i get the same result: The orbit remains small. Here are screenshots to explain:
The one with the little luminous dot is what i get no matter how i set up my offset, as well as what the orbit should look like at the very beginning of it’s lifetime/ The one where the orbit looks normal is what the orbit should look like at the end of it’s lifetime, i can only achieve this look without a curve, and a constant is not what i’m looking for. The third screenshot is my offset’s configuration. I tried scaling up and down all values, arrive and leave tangent, didn’t change a thing, same thing with changing the interp mode.
A little bit more information, I spawn 300 particles, their lifetime is of 1.5, and i left everything else to default.
I’m really lost and 100% sure i do something wrong there. Could anyone explain to me what it is? Is what i’m trying to achieve even possible within the particle system editor?