Problem with PakCache while mounting different pak with same mountPoint

Hi Everyone,

Here is the problem, i have different paks file with the same Blueprint but different assets that have to be mounted in the same mounting point.

When i mount the first pak everything is ok, but when I mount another one in the same mount point it loads the assets of first pak as if Unreal keeps a sort of cache for paks. This problem does not happen when I mount another pak in a different mount point.

This happens both in editor mode and with the Builded program.

After analyzing the source code i noticed that there is this line:

#define USE_PAK_PRECACHE (!IS_PROGRAM && !WITH_EDITOR) // you can turn this off to use the async IO stuff without the precache

that seems to be the solution for my problem right? So how can I “turn off” this USE_PAK_PRECACHE?


Disable pak cache on game start:

UKismetSystemLibrary::ExecuteConsoleCommand(this, TEXT("pakcache.Enable 0"));