Problem with normal map


I texture an object in Quixel and when i import it in UE4 with the map my object doesn’t look the same like in Quixel. I don’t know why but i think it’s a problem with the normal and i don’t know what to do ^^.

Thanks in advance for the help :).

Quixel :

UE4 :

Normal :

material :

How does it look without metallic, roughness and AO? You should use the red channel of metallic and roughness to Lerp between min/max values, btw. Also see how it looks in a direct lit environment.

Only normal map :

With normal in diffuse :

I’m not sure but it looks like the mesh has no smoothing groups. Have you properly ex and imported the FBX with smoothing groups ?

Oh yeah that was the solution, thanks man :slight_smile: