Problem with Multicast replication from Server

Hi, there was a limitation once that you could call the same RPC only twice per frame. Apparently that is still the case.

Why do you need to call it more than twice per frame?

I have BP Character, BP Component, BP Interface and BP Actor. Component, Character and Actor are replicated. I added Component to Char, and added interface wich returns this component. I added to BP Actor collision box and code on screenshot. MULTICAST function is function from component which prints hello in multicast event. If i call this function more than 2 times, the text will printed just 2 time. Why? I know how to make it works. Just need to call One time function on multicast client and there call 4 time function print without replication. But I should know, is it bug or feature, why it happen, how can i fix it without reliable replication?

Lol, awesome engine solution) But it doesn’t work even I will call multicast event from bpc.

Or if i will cast multicast event from item