Problem with Mouse function not replicating properly

Hi everyone, i’m facing some difficulties with replicating my custom mouse input function, in advance i’m sorry for my bad english.

I’m working on multiplayer FPS project with some custom mechanics for which i need custom mouse function.
Problem is, mouse cam rotation works only on clients, but not on server, thus when client 1 rotates his camera angle, it is not showed to client 2 and client 2 sees client 1 as always facing forward.

Here’s what i mean:!AmOWr-Yw7oVtgY8DjWXL9cuLG-y_eA

As shown in video, clients are not telling server that they changed view angle.

This is my mouse function:

Initially i tried this replication method:

Basically i cast function to all clients and tells server that clients are using this function, and mouse-server event is refreshed on every tick. But it’s not working.

Then i tried something else, i created replicated rotator variable and tried to expose it to server
Here it is:

It’s not working, disables keyboard and mouse input, and just showed me this error:

Basically i’m lost and i’m desperate for help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.