Problem with mesh/material artifacts

Hello guys
So I have very big mesh and it is flat, with holes, roads,grass etc but it is flat. Objects will be on it. On places where there was holes for other meshes, that I will import it, create me problem as you can see on pictures. I played with uv mapping, trying to increse Min lightmap resolution but no go. So I tried with this parameter Use full precision UV-s and it solve my problem. But I found on forums and other questions that this options take more resources and its not good to use it a lot. My plane is really bit like 700meters*700 meters in real dimensions. I also separated this plane in 16 islands so It is more easy for me to change just segment than whole plane if I dont like something.

My questions are:

  1. Is my solution (Use full precise UV-s) good for this artifacts or there is another solution?
  2. If it is good solution to use precision UV-s is it better to use on whole mesh as one or 16 different pieces because of resources I want this project to be as optimised as possible
    note I am using 3ds max 2018 for UV-s

[alt text][1]

I don’t really know, but I think using full precision UVs on one mesh doesn’t really matter. I have it also, and haven’t noticed anything unusual going on.

Changes to the lightmap will have no effect, as it is the UVs that describe how the texture is laid out.

It also doesn’t matter that it’s a huge mesh, because the UV info only relates to a 1 by 1 square which is repeated everywhere.

If you’re really worried about it, use a smaller mesh and make your material UVs world position. This si something done in your material, not your modelling software. It means it’s no effort to lines things up, because the UVs aren’t on your model:

thanks for fast answer, well I just don’t want this stupid distortions on mesh material. I think that size of mesh have great role in this one because if mesh was smaller these distortions around circle wouldn’t be. when you put extremely large mesh in UV 1,1 space small details like these circles are not good presented that is why this option use precise uv come in handy(i guess). Anyway I found solution for this just asking because of optimisations. thanks for uvs world positions I will need that on other things :slight_smile: