Problem with mesh and translucency

Hi. I’m importing a mesh that I created with photogrammetry using Agisoft photoscan. It was a quick rough test scan but I just wanted to see how it would turn out in UE4 so I could begin working on something.
The mesh created in photoscan looks perfect. I import into Maya and I have to tweak a couple settings to make it look just like it did in photoscan.

When I import into UE4 i can’t get it to show up correctly. I’m sure it’s something very simple I’m overlooking as I’m very much a newb. :slight_smile:
(just focus on the face, the other parts and hair I didn’t clean up as I was only testing)


If I go into the material editor and change the blend mode to translucent then it comes out looking ‘correct’ (the funky glaze is gone) but the mesh is now somewhat translucent.

I can’t figure out how to get it right without making it translucent.

If it helps any it looks incorrect in Maya when loading it up:

If I change the ‘Diffuse’ slider to 0 and the ‘Translucent’ to 1 then the mesh turns out correct like this:
maya w correct.JPG

Can anyone help a beginner and point me in the right direction? Any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

That’s the reflection of the environment. Set your roughness to 1 to create a fully diffuse surface. Additionally, if you do not want additional lighting you might want to connect your texture to the emissive channel instead of base color.

What kind of a texture is that? You’ll get horrible mip map bleeding with that.

Physical based materials need something for roughness channel.

Thanks everyone for your help. (sorry for delayed response but didn’t realize anyone had replied)

The roughness set to 1 did help quite a bit. I also had to mess with the mesh itself since I can’t get it to look ‘clean’ like I can in Maya with the mesh as is. I’m now trying to figure out how to rid the model of that milky glaze look.

jonimake-that is an fbx/obj created from photogrammetry. I’m , at this point, just trying to see if I can get the model to show up in UE4 similar to how it looks in the photogrammetry software (agisoft photoscan.) I’m reading and watching a lot but UE4 is just a lot to absorb coming from nowhere. Many say I should learn Unity, that it’s much easier. But projects from Unity never impress me like the UE4 projects do. I’ll put the time in if I can make the progress.

What I’m working towards , for now, is just basically taking a ‘photographed scene’ that I can then walk around in and look at in VR.

I’ve started watching the beginner vids made by Epic. Any other good places that you guys can recommend is much appreciated.

Thanks again.