Problem with lightmaps

I have a problem (2 actually). First, when I added texture to my figure, I’m getting this weird pixeling around the eyes, mouth and on the hands. I wonder if it’s the lightmaps or if it’s the way the model is built. Is there an easy fix for this? Also, the hair is sinking into the head for some reason. Can anybody tell me why this is happening? Because I tried everything I could to fix this, but to no avail.

Hello @anonymous_user_070556b2 !

If it is a character that moves, has animations or just has a translation, it would not be the Lightmaps, because the Lightmaps only builds in meshes with “Static Movility” and the moment you give any animation the object changes to a “Movable Movility” mesh.

For example look this chair, as you can see here this chair is in “Static” Movility, because doesn’t have any animation.

The movility of an object means a few more things that just Lighmaps, but for now we will ignore it

Maybe that’s the error, can you check that your figure is in “Movable”?

Now if it’s not a problem of lights it’s always a good option to check the 3D model itself, from how it looks in the image it gives me the impression that it could be that there are two geometries overlapping.
For doing that open your .fbx or model extension in any 3D program.

Let me know if any of this helps!