Problem with lighting

I have a problem with lighting, the thing is that when I put a light in front of the door, it shines behind it.
I don’t know if someone knows why it happens and how to fix it, but that would help me a lot.

I’m starting at ue4 and I don’t know much about this and I’m sorry for my bad English, I’m from Spain.

I attached some photos so you can see the problem.

I’ve seen this before and can’t remember the answer, so I’m grabbing at straws, but I think it’s something to do with the door material. You have to make it two sided, or not two sided, I can’t recall which…

I don’t know if you meant this, but I checked the details of the material and activated “Two Sided”, but it still doesn’t work.

Ah, damn…

Is the scale of the door fitting with 100% exactitude into the doorway area? no micro-gaps or slight offsets?

when I get weird lighting like that, I would check if the door mesh has flipped or weird normals, then check that the UVs are alright. cant be sure its one of those, but its usually a good place to start

I don’t think it’s related to my problem, because even if I don’t have a door frame, the problem still occurs.
But the answer to your question is that there no micro-gaps.

I will check what you said, but also I will do another door to see if it give the same problem.