Problem with Lighting inside a House

I’ve been trying a lot of things but I can’t make the lighting look good. It’s horrible, I have a two-floor house, I’m designing a semi-open world game and here’s an example of what is happening:

This is one room, as you can see there’re some weird shadows in the edges, I don’t think this is because of the Lighting Quality, tell me if I’m wrong…

Also this mesh is getting self shadows, should I increase the shadow bias? but if I increase it there’ll be light bleeding in the other rooms (I’ve already tried that). What can I do?

Other thing to note, as this is a 2-floor house, I have lights up and down, and I have a spotlight in each room, here’s how it’s seen in Wireframe.

The problem is that I can’t set them all to Stationary (to cast the Player’s shadow in each room, and also the doors when the’y re opening/closing) because there are stationary lights overlapping, but I can’t decrease the radius of them because otherwise the room won’t be correctly lit. Should I add some static PointLights that doesn’t cast shadows to light the floor, or what workaround can I do?

These are my World Settings

And these are my Spotlight settings:

Any tip please? I’ve been struggling with my game’s lighting for about 3 months now.

Also, when I have a persistent level, with its own world settings, if I load a sublevel there, will it be affected by the persistent level’s settings, or by its own?