Problem with Landscape component. No tesslation, no normal on some components ...

I have a problem on my Landscape. I have few landscape component who’s showing my material layer correcly, with heigh and normal, and some other layer who’s don’t showing these. How can I remediate to this ?

I’m very in need of help …

Thanks you !


First, check your materials and make sure you are using landscape coordinate nodes or texture nodes - as the only thing I can think of is that you are using world position and therefore the texture is not repeating.

Second, check that you arent out of samples or change all textures to shared wrapped.
Hope that helps.

Thanks to your anwser [USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER], but all my texture is already shared wrapped. I thinks that my coordinate nodes work because my far effect work and on picture, the two component have the same layer material painting and the two landscape component are attached.

Cannot think of any reason other then the coordinates.
Particularly because from the images it seems your base color works fine but the normals do not. Being those are different texture samples, maybe they have a wrong node or calculations for tiling that 0 them out past a certain absolute world position.
What would help determining that is the location of the tiles that have the issue. If your 0,0,0 tile does not have issues but the ones further out do, then something is up with math…