Problem with importing FBX files


I have some FBX file - eXPRTO1.fbx(attached - [link text][1] ) with model, that looks broken, when it imported as skeletal mesh with morphs:

But if I import that models to the 3D Studio Max, it looks good:

Also, if I import that file to the UE Editor as simple, non-skeletal mesh, it’s also looks good:

It seems, like UE has some bugs with importing skeletal meshes from FBX. I have got a lot of models in FBX files, that UE imported with that bug, it’s not the only model’s bug.

Try importing your FBX into 3DS Max and then exporting it out again. Overwrite the file. Then import the new file into UE4

Hi Arthur,

This looks to have already been resolved internally with 4.12. Look for the fix to be in a the future release of 4.12.


Thanks for taking the time to post.


@Steve_T, I know about this way, but there is a problem - 3DS Max can’t handle meshes, that have > 100 morphs - his Morpher supports max 100 morphs. Therefore, I need to import my meshes (with a lot of morphs) directly to the UE.

Thank you, UE Dev Team!

You did that in 4.12!