Problem with graphics.

I’m new in unreal engine, I’m using unreal engine 4.12 on windows.
When I run built game (windows 10 x64) it make this graphical bug (There’s attached video (I think it’s about graphics).
I’ll realy look fowards to every help with solving this issue.

That’s strange. Are those custom assets you’re using? I’m assuming this effect is tied to the mesh?

Where is that asset from? Where did you make it, and how did you export/import it?
Which software; which version; which version of the FBX fie format; which importer settings?

Does the asset work OK on another machine? If so, it may be your graphics card/graphics driver that has a problem.
You don’t say – what is your hardware; which CPU; which graphics card; what driver version?

Looks like pumped up tessellation/displacement, check imported materials.

I’m experiencing the same problem at the moment. I can not for the life of me find out what it is, If I play the game, it works fine, if I launch the game and it builds I have green displacement all over the screen

OK, I’ve moved the executable onto a PC with a GTX 970 and it seems to work fine, but our other machine with a GTX 1080 has the problem

I don’t use any assets besides starter content & vr test map

Looks like the inside of the Black Hole in interstellar…