Problem with FPS(high standard deferred simple lights)

as the title says i have a problem with standard deferred simple lights. when i see in a specific location fps drops to 5-10 and in visualazier i see this:

what can i do?

Can you post your lights setup on level? (with detail panel), how many dynamic/stationary. Also have you tried debug viewmodes (light complexity, Stationary Light Overlap, Lightmap density)?

in the light complexity i have the dropped fps. in stationary light fps is ok as in lightmap density too. How to post you the lights setup? I know for sure that i have 92 spot lights and almost the same number for point lights, all stationary. But i need to be stationary otherwise my meshes are going to black. Every spot light goes with one little point light.

any help please?

Also on complexity it does this as you see in gif.