Problem with Font Material

Hi today I have encouter problem with font material, the material don’t load correctly the offline font page when you reimport the font.
the material in my case started to work after a duplication of the material, probably can work if you make a new material… but this is big issue, because io someone intend to test alternative width and height for the font page obviusly for import the font at high resolution in a second time his/her can’t because the material don’t load the new font page generated.

HEy Jinkazama82bit,

Could you provide me with some simple steps so I can reproduce this in a project on my end?

The more accurate the steps, the easier I can get this to appear on my own project. Usually providing some screenshots as well help with visualize the issue.

Thank you,

Hi and thanks for your interest.

the step are very simple:

  1. Imported the font with offline
    option at 9dpi (tiny just for test
    it and for fit it in standard page
    256x256 px)

  2. Created a material like the default
    engine font material but with my
    imported font

  3. Applied the material and font to a
    text render and tested all work good.

  4. Opened the font into font editor
    for change dpi of font (i setup it
    to 72 just for test a big font),
    width and height of page for fit the
    new font dpi and make a single page.

  5. From assets into the font editor
    re-imported the font with the new

  6. Aaaaand in editor level, test or
    lauched game for windows the
    material seem to use the old page
    width and height for the font
    because at screen only mixed
    fragment of new imported font are
    used all taken from the left-up

If you make a new font and you apply this new font to the current material you have the same effect described on step 3.6

obviusly, but not too much, if you make the modification to the font before setup it into material al work good, but if someone need to test different font witouth every time make a new material his/her can’t due to this problem, and imagine this scenario: this font material is used in all menu of the game you change the associated font and all become unreadable isn’t a good thing.

Hey jinkazama82it,

I was able to test and verify this issue in 4.11.2 binary release, but I also tested this issue in the 4.12 Preview 2 release, and the issue did not occur. Would you also mind testing to confirm the issue is resolved on your end in the preview release as well?

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


Can I make a question about font material here?
How can I Load multiple FontTexture pages in material? I can’t set all letters in one page, there are too many letters (maybe 100 000+).
Same issue here

Thanks a lot
Please ignore my pool English :slight_smile: