Problem with dynamic mesh in static light.

I spawn car and some of part can be changed(hood/bumper).

Why differet part looks darker/lighter?

When i move spawn point, i gets differet result of brightness. I think problem in lighting mass cache, but i cant fix this.

Try to set that object [Indirect ligthing cache quality] to use [ILCQ volume]

This options available only when mesh added to scene, but in my case static mesh adding after level load. I can change this options from BP?

If you make bluerprint from that mesh then you can edit that property. Or if you add that mesh programatically then you can set that config with code too.

If your scene is being dynamically lit, perhaps your skylight should have ‘lower hemisphere is black’ set?

If it is statically lit, are you rebuilding the lighting? The ILCQ volume suggetsion is a good one if you can set it in BP (not sure myself).

Another trick to help in those cases is to put another floor mesh (or maybe 2 or 3) to be “catch alls” for stray lighting samples. The problem is that sometimes you can get lighting samples just under your floors and in certain levels those samples will see a lot of sky and be bright. by putting the floor under your actual floor, you will occlude sky and it will be able to record the shadow from above. Should also check ‘Shadow Two Sided’ on all your floor meshes as well.

  1. set [Indirect ligthing cache quality] at all meshes [ILCQ volume]
  2. add 2 floors
  3. set Shadow Two Sided
    rebuild light but result is same:(

Try to set Light Attachment as group to be true.

front/rear bumper was dark, now light)

Can you visualize Volume light samples. If you increase/decrease density of those does it help.

Also how you set those parts? Where their pivot lie?

increase/decrease density changing brightness difference, big scale(3-4) can make only 1 part have different brightness

pawn with added static mesh component for each part.

after function call add to component static mesh and set material. pivot static mesh lie at scene root component and have relative coord (0 0 -175). I tryed put car at center of room above floor. but result is same.

Still need fix this.