Problem with dynamic lighting

Hi there,

I am having several issues with dynamic lighting. I have direction light source (sun), skybox and skylight.


Here everything seems OK, the Sun is just above outside, shining through the empty space. But then…


Here the sun should not be visible, it seems it is shining through the wall (whilst being affected by the shadows).

If someone can help me to fix this, I would be grateful. Thanks in advance.


are you using solid blocks for the walls or a single plane?

Sorry for the late reply.

They are solid blocks. I have tried using 2 sided material and 2 sided shadowing too, but it has no effect.


you probably have cascaded shadowmaps enabled already?

alternatively you could try to use a reflection capture probe for the interior, disable the sun and atmo fog temporarily, set r.DiffuseFromCaptures 1 and update the captures, then reenable the sky and atmo. not sure if any of this helps tho

I created a new project today, re-imported my assets and code, placed my objects and now there is no issue, I’m not sure what went wrong in the old project… but for now it is working, I will continue to build up and try to keep track of any changes I make just in case it happens again.

Thanks for your input.