Problem with displacement (World position offset)


I am having a problem with the world position offset (a.k.a. displacement).
I made the offset with the simplex-noise-texture (see material.png), which seemed to work fine.
But when I was increasing the offset, I realized, that all vertices are only being stretched into one direction (see screen.jpg attached). They are stretched along absolute x,y,z which makes the stretching diagonal. But it should have been stretched along the normals.

First I thought, that might be an issue with the UV-channel, but even when i turned the objects, the offset didn’t change.
Using the Sphere staticMeshActor showed the same problem.


Got it

I just found the solution for my problem.
There has to be a VertexNormalWS-Node in the material to use the normal.
Have a look at the attached works.jpg.

Sorry for posting too fast, the solution was in the docs (

Thanks for reading, regards