Problem with "default FPS" HUD-crosshair position when using Oculus

I just tried to create a simple VR experience where you are supposed to look at an object to interact with it, however… it is really hard to target something without a crosshair, so I tried to use the crosshair that comes with the FPS Blueprints Template…
However… when I launch the game and set the game to run in fullscreen with my Oculus Rift DK2 the crosshair ends up getting positioned quite alot to the upper left corner, and not in the center/middle…

And as far as I can see the HUD blueprint for the crosshair is correctly setup (haven’t changed anything… its the same as the “default” one).

Any ideas?

Has anyone of you created a crosshair for use with the Oculus?.. and if yes… then how?


In 4.4.3 the HUD only renders to the left eye. It is possible to manually make the HUD larger so that it covers both eyes, but then it is up to you to converge both eyes by correctly positioning the HUD’s elements. I haven’t checked out 4.5 yet to see if this has been corrected, but I have heard a solution was being looked at.

I’m going to need a crosshair as well at some point. I was thinking of using an Actor in the scene positioned just in-front of the object the player is looking at (by doing a ray trace from the camera). Doing so would allow the player to properly see both the crosshair as well as the target. I would also make sure it isn’t affected by the depth buffer, or scene lighting. Would probably also need to scale it so it doesn’t become smaller when it is farther away, unless that is something you want.

  • Dave

I tried the UE 4.5 FPS Template and just did a quick OVR setup (stereo on command) and the crosshair was displayed on the left upper corner :confused:

Still looking into it, on how to get the crosshair positioned properly.

I do a raycast and position a curser blueprint where the ray hits. Works much better and since you run the ast directly through the camera with a forward vector you are guarenteed for it to be exactly at the center of the screen.

Yeah, this is an issue in Oculus integration code. It is fixed in Oculus 4.5.1 - 0.4.3 integration on github ( , the particular change is It will be integrated into main UE4 4.6.

The HUD is still only being drawn on the left eye in 4.7 Preview 8.

Is the only solution to draw a second cursor for the right eye?

You and before comments are confused, what Inx51 are speaking about is BP HUD (classic UI), than renders right, the inconvenience for the stereo are the widgets, UMG for UI.