Problem with colors on different monitors

hey guys,
I just realized how different a scene can look on different monitors, i worked for like two years just ISP Asus monitors, my scene and especially the colors looked excatly the way i watned them to look.
After buying a Samsung U28E590D 4K monitor… SCHOCK! SCHOCK! SCHOCK! The scene looks so much differrentm the colors are looking sooooo different, actually the scene looks much worst cause
all the colors look like oversaturated.

My question is basically what is the solution to prevent a developed game by loooking soooooooo different on all kinds of monitors ? Is there a color setup that i have to use to keep the look close across all
the monitors? How do the big studios handle this problem ?

For example i tested The Divison, yes it looks different but not to the point where eevrything is oevrsatuared or looks just absurd, they game looks still close on both monitors.


There is pretty much nothing you can do. Monitors rarely come with anything like an sRGB factory calibration, and it is not at all uncommon for manufacturers to mess around with the colors a bit to make things “look more colorful”, just like how “high end” headphones tweak the frequency response. The only way around it is for the end user to hire someone to calibrate their monitors using specialized measurement equipment. You can find supposedly accurate color profiles online for any given monitor but there is enough variance between batches of screens to make that pretty hit or miss, and unless you measure yourself on that exact screen you can’t be sure. And even then, calibration is only really valid for a certain ambient light level and backlight setting.

Big studios generally just include a gamma slider and call it a day.

Wow thats sad… casue the difference betweem the colors is so huge. Now imagine you ship a game which looks awsome on your monitor but like a stylized game on other monitors because of the saturation and the difference :confused:
Is there any advice not to use special colors or values ? I noticed especially on my monitors that the red channel is really oversaturated… I mean there has to be something right? some kind of color table, a mid value for colors when creating textures or whatever :confused: