Problem with Chaos

I’m sorry guys but I cant figure out out to implement chaos in my scene

I got UE 4.25
Chaos plugins enabled

But I cant see the chaos Destructor icon
What am I doing wrong?

Think you still have to build the engine from source to actually get it to work. At least, that was how it was in the 4.25 preview.

What you mean? So exactly which steps should I follow please?

Check out the following page for more information on how to build from source:…ine/index.html

Pardon? One second, does the Chaos system full y integrated in UE 4.25 or should I buy VisualStudio and do all that procedure?
Because in the engine I have chaos plugins activated by default so why should I compile part of the engine?

so basically Chaos system has to be compiled right?

You can use the community edition of VS to compile the engine. There is no need to pay for it. Yes while the plugin is there the code that powers it is not and that is why you have to compile the engine from source.

wow… ok! Could you please tell me exaclty step by step what we need to do please? sorry about that