Problem with ARPortal and SceneCaptureComponent2D

Hi, I’m using a SceneCaptureComponent2D and a RenderTexture to display a mesh, but it appears partially rendered and with black areas.
I am testing it on an Android RedmiNote8 and UE4.26.1 binary.;base64

The RenderTexture configuration is the normal one, it is assigned to the SceneCaptureComponent2D component.;base64;base64

The material plane that works as a screen has an emissive with the same RenderTexture…;base64;base64


Enabled global clip plane.

And this is the Android configuration.

Attached a sample video.[video][/video]

On PC there is no problem.
And I have tried the same thing on the same Android (RedmiNote8) but without any ARSessionConfig enabled and it looks good.
What do I forget? Any ideas?


Well, I have made some progress. disabling option “Enable Clip Plane”, I get the component to look good.