Problem with adding effects to existing models.

Im trying to create a dissolve material to some of my objects however i’m not sure how to set it up so that i can use a single material file to apply the effect to any model.
I basically want to be able to apply this material while using blueprints and also remove it after i no longer need it to play.
Currently i replace every material in the mesh with my dissolve material and restore the original materials once the effect is complete.

Here is a video of where i am currently up to: [URL=“”]
Here is my dissolve material:

I know i can set the base colour to the texture of the mesh manually, but this means i would need to create a new material for every model just for the dissolve effect.
Following most of the tutorials for the dissolve effect lead me to the same stage where the base colour material is set to some constant value without explaining how to integrate this with existing materials.