PROBLEM WITH A PROJECT #general #Skeletal-Mesh #UE5-0 #development-discussion:character-animation

Hello, i’m just a newbie in Ue5 and i’m having a issue changing the default mesh from Unreal.
I got it one time but i dont remeber how i did it. I followed some tutorial and got the animation blueprint working on one project, but if i open an other project i cant change the default mannequin mesh , the details panel seems unusable. Did i click somenthing i shouldn’t click or i lost a step on the process but seems i’m stuck with the default character and i cant change it.
i linked a pic of my screen and the panel that don’t works
Thanks a lot for any reply !

#general #Skeletal-Mesh #UE5-0 #development-discussion:character-animation

It seems like Unreal is simulating or playing. ( Maybe you wanted to edit with the spawned character)

  1. Stop simulating or playing.
  2. Go to the ContentDrawer and Open the character blueprint.
  3. Then, you can edit Skeletal Mesh!

I hope it will help you! :slight_smile: