Problem when texturing custom meshes

Hey guys, Im trying to create some architectural project, and Im having the same problem over and over!! When I import any custom meshes, my textures get really low resolution even, if Im saving in 2048px. Then I tested some Epics materials and this is what Ive got!! Please help me, I really dont know what to do anymore!


Sorry if this suggestion is too basic but have you checked the meshes’ UVs? Applied the same textures in your modelling package?

Either you scale down the texture in your material (use the texture coordinate node) or you do it with your uv’s in your 3d program :slight_smile:

I’ve tryed scaling the UV’s in 3Ds Max! I’ve made a test with a cube, comparing mine with Unreal’s basic geometry! Same Epic’s material.

Here is with no orvelaping UV’s


And here is the UV map


Now scaled to max space but with overlapping uv’s


And the UV map


I really don’t know what to do here! :confused:

For texture UV’s you can go outside of ur (1;1) UV region as far as I’ve noticed.
You basicly want the squares on the untextured box mesh to be the same size as the ones on ur BSP box.
Maybe this can be of help:
(Very new to this aswel tho)