[PROBLEM] UE 4.16 Strange flickering, video included.

Hello guys,

We have been struggling for a long time with what is probably a simple problem but we can’t get our head around it even though we tried many approaches. There is a very noticeable and pretty inconvenient flickering on the grass and on the trees that are far away. You can see what Im talking about in the video below. —v

I messed around the rendering settings and tried pretty much everything, especially the AA but to no avail. All cull modes are at min 0 and max 0. I removed all LODS, so they are all at 0 as well. Didnt touch max distance field occlusion distance but its at 600, 20 000 and 0.8(Doesn’t seem to change anything when I play with these). We have a lightmass importance volume and a postprocess volume. In the post process there are activated settings that are not really related(unless Im mistaken?) such as bloom and ambient occlusion.

But yeah, dont really know whats going on with that or what could be the solution. So thanks everybody in advance for the help!