Problem rotating in Your First Game UE5 Tutorial

This is a top down game where the player moves towards the mouse cursor. I enabled Orient Rotation to Movement and set the Spring Arm’s roation to world. The character rotates in the direction of the cursor (good!). But when I release the LMB, the character pops back into the original oriention (not good). Another issue is that now the spring arm/ camera suddenly are facing not from the back but from the front so I needed to compensate by rotating the z-axis of the spring arm by 180 degrees (not ideal). The popping back is the real problem. Any help?


I also encountered a few problems with this tutorial, here is a solution that helped me.

I don’t know why the author of the lesson didn’t show it to us


Wow! You saved me! Thank you!

Thank you. Work here!!!


Yeah it slipped through the Authors (my) attention that I switched the flag in the class and didn’t record that part. Super sorry. I extended the article here on the hub and added also a zip file with the assets to the Stack-O-Bot project for this tutorial yesterday.


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Thank you for letting me know. It is a great tutorial!