Orient Rotation to movement doesnt work

Im first time at UE. And ad first i tried to replicate TopDown Example project. Im not programmes so such thing going hard for me. So everything goes well exept that character doest rotate in the direction of moving even i toggle on Orient Rotation to movement. After some time Unreal Crashed and when i reloaded camera starts to rotate in the direction of character while moving. Can anyone help me? im quete despert here :frowning:

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Check that the “use controller rotation” settings are NOT checked, like in here.


Thanks for answer. I tried this and it doesnt work eather. But seem problem was in UE verstion 4.10 made the same with 4.13 everything work fine!

very useful ,thank you

That worked for me, Un-tick use controller rotation yaw, ya’ll !

Thank the lord for this thread. Eventhough I have used this method several times before, I keep forgetting this one step and this time it only took me 30 minutes to find this thread again lol. Thanks again!

Still helpful in 4.25

Thanks! I never expected this little tip would be so useful for so long…

Mine still doesn’t rotate for some reason, any advice? Remember I got the “Use Controller Rotation” options Un-checked.

I’m in UE5 and this tip is still a lifesaver! Thank you!

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following the UE5 tutorial Your First Game In Unreal Engine 5 | Tutorial and this solved the broken rotation i got when i followed the instructions (unless i overlooked it in the tut). Thanks!

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Thank you sir!