Problem Painting Landscape - Paints each component in blocks?

Hey guys,

So I’ve just started using ue4 this weekend. I’ve looked through the forum and found 1 similar issue but no real solutions…

This is my problem. I’ve got a landscape + splatmap I made using World Machine. Imported into UE4 perfectly and with no issues. Now I just want to correct some texturing (places that look clearly tiled, some places where the splatmap put grass and I’d rather have dirt etc). So I’ve made the Material correctly as far as i know, the weight blending works at least!

I added a layer info and I “CAN” paint onto the landscape over the original splatmap. However it just paints each component or something, ignoring the brush size. Here’s two screenshots of my project if it helps visualise my problem. - The painting problem


I just want to use the paint tool to tidy up some areas.

Appreciate any help in this, it’s for a uni assignment to use a game engine I’ve never used before to create a level with gameplay elements and it’s only a 3.5 week assignment (only got the assignment 3 days ago) so I don’t want to spend forever nitpicking the landscape but it’s really bugging me haha