[PROBLEM] Low poly / compiling shaders

Hi guys,

I’ve starting my first project 4month ago…
First make landscape, foliage, rock…etc…use epic free assets…all very beautiful…
After i’m starting make a big house in details working 1 month on this…just finish

But now, looking my landscape, foliage, mesh…all became lowpoly !!


What’s happen ?

My parameters looks good :


Just have upgrade my engine 4.12.5, no pluggins…

  • Load Epic project (particle project) => no problem.

  • Start new project => no problem.

  • Add new SM_Rock (epic mesh) or existing foliage and my project => low poly !!

Any ideas ??

It’s look like there is no compiling shader on my landscape / rock / foliage…

Please help me…5 months of hard work…

Thanks guys.

No ideas ?

I have the same problem with my grass, but not any of the rest of it. :confused:

I’ve clean my DerivedDatacache…no result…

I’ve started new project and copy/paste my meshes…
First it’s good…but one moment after…all became lowpoly…really don’t know what’s happen…

Not really photorealistic -_-

Tried this?

I’ll try that and let you know, but it would also be nice to know what initially caused it and how to fix that.


Monsterlutz, you save me !! It’s working !

Perhaps my level is too big…

Solution :

1/ Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.12\Engine\Config and open ConsoleVariables.ini

2/ Add this : r.Streaming.PoolSize=4000 and save…


3/ Open project and enjoy.

Thanks you a lot !!

I finally got around to it. Didn’t work for me. What worked was placing a static mesh of the grass in the scene and walking straight up to it so that its streaming priority would get a boost. Obviously this isn’t an ideal permanent solution!